We conintue to experience issues with our email marketing company that impacts our ability to deliver messages to all AOL and Yahoo! accounts. Apple email accounts (@me, @icloud, @mac) are also impacted but you should receive the message. Please check your spam or junk folder. If you have not received a message from us recently we apologize. We are working to resolve it.

If you are concerned about missing messages from us you can email us at orlandojacks@orlandojacks.com and provide us with a Gmail account. All Gmail accounts appear to be working as expected and members have reported that they are receiving our messages.

We are looking at using our website and/or Telegram to announce our events. Once we decide on the best way to announce our events each month we will let you know. We CAN send individual messages to all members as long as we do not use our email marketing company. That said, we are going to purge our email list based on how long you have been on the list and have never attended an event. For example, if you joined our list in 2015 and have NOT ATTENDED an event we will remove your name and list you as inactive.

We celebrated our 20th Anniversary last year and we had fun doing it! We ended 2022 with an Orlando Jacks NYE Party! It was a success and the feedback we recieved was positive and we may do it again this year. If you want to receive an invite you must attend a regular j/o event first. So what are you waiting for in the new year!

We are following the latest information regarding monkeypox and the vaccine. We continue to check in with our members and are doing our best to make sure we can continue to host events. This is a personal choice and we understand that some members are going to wait until they are vaccinated. Please check out our Rules and Events pages for updates.

We found our niche and provide a safe outlet for all men to explore their love of masturbation. When we started we were called the Orlando Wankers and modeled our group after the Melbourne Wankers in Australia. We changed our name a few years later to the Orlando Jacks. To all those members who’ve been with us over the years, we thank you for your continued support.

Stay connected with everything related to the Orlando Jacks by clicking here. You can follow us on Twitter, join us on OnlyFans, and check out posts on Tumblr. You can purchase merchandise through our affiliates, Flesh Jack and Andrew Christian. You can listen to our podcasts.

Please make sure you add the following email addresses to your contacts, orlandojacks@orlandojacks.com, orlando_jacks@hotmail.com, orlandowankers@orlandowankers.net, so our messages do not end up in your spam or junk folder. If you are not allowing HTML email messages, our event invite may not end up in your inbox. Our messages contain safe links and some email programs block this type of message.

When completing the request form, provide all required information including a first and last name. If you do not, your form will be rejected. We do ask for a headshot so we can identify our members. We do our best to reply to all requests and messages promptly. Please be patient; we will reply.

We continue to monitor the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and follow the recommended CDC guidelines. Please check out our Rules and Events pages for updates. If you are vaccinated and offer to share this information with us, masks may not be required at the event. Stay safe and stay healthy.

If you are not receiving event invites you might have been flagged as inactive. Please complete this form to be added back to the group list. Please indicate if you are using a different email address.

Thank you for your continued support.

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